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A tricky climate

A tricky climate

For quality reasons, Chardonnay is the varietal that was selected for replanting Chablis post phylloxera, despite its susceptibility to diseases caused by humidity. Paradoxically, it tends to produce the best grapes in extreme conditions.

Gel de la vigne

The climate of Chablis is most similar to that of Champagne rather than that of the rest of Burgundy, with harsh winters, frosty springs, hot summers and clement weather in the fall. The rain can sometimes pose a problem during certain key phases in the growth cycle of the vines, increasing the risk of fungal diseases caused by the humidity, which are difficult to manage. The winemaker must take all these things into account when considering the optimum plots for the vintage to obtain the best grapes when the harvest comes around.

Spring frosts are also very frequent in the Chablis vineyard, this is why the producers had to adopt different techniques to prevent freezing – the use of oil burners, water spaying. These techniques aim at preventing the buds from freezing, which could compromise the whole crop.