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100% Chardonnay.


The most recent list of Chablis premier crus was established in 1986.  Seventy-nine place names were listed there covering an area of some 780 hectares. The winegrowers of Chablis organized these into 17 “umbrella” vineyards. The vines are planted along the valley of the Serein river in the communes of Chablis, Fontenay, Maligny, Chichée, La Chapelle-Vaupelteigne, Courgis, Fleys and Beines.


The 27 hectares of Vaucoupin’s vines are located on the right bank of the Serein river in the commune of Chichée.

As for the history, the name Vaucoupin could refer to the structure of the vineyard itself. It could mean that the valley used to covered with woods that were cut at a time or shared between several different owners. It might also refer a former owner, named Coupin

Our cuvée comes from grapes harvested on very old vines with roots burrowing deeply into the stony, clay and limestone soils.

Vinification and maturing

-machine-harvested, delivered partially crushed to the winery

-pneumatic pressing
- cold static settling

-Alcoholic fermentation during 7 or 10 days in stainless-steel temperature-controlled vats (18-20ºC) to preserve a maximum fruit

-100% malolactic fermentation with selected bacteria

-pumping over every fortnight and ageing on lees

-qualitative bottling expected in May

Tasting notes

Shiny pale golden colour.
Elegant and mineral on the nose with subtle notes of blossom, white tea, apricot and mango.
Velvety and nevertheless crisp, fat and round. Fruity on the palate with flavours of dry fruits, hazelnuts,  honey and fresh soft spices. 

Food and wine pairing

Perfect with oysters, seafood or fish, as well as grilled meats.

Serving suggestions

Serve ideally at 14°C / 57°F.