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Hommage à Philibert

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100% Chardonnay.


Since its foundation in 1814, the story of J. MOREAU & Fils, one of the oldest houses in Chablis is closely tied with the international recognition of the region’s wines.

The “HOMMAGES” range is our tribute the emblematic figures who were at the origins and contributed to the development and international renown of one of the oldest wine houses in Chablis.

This Petit Chablis is our tribute to Philibert, a barrel maker, wine merchant and father of Mademoiselle Victoire who are both at the origins of the house.


The Petit Chablis area of appellation covers 1,230 ha of which approximately 1,000 ha are currently under vine.

The vines grow on Portlandian limestone plateaus, with clay from the Tertiary Era.

Food and wine pairing

Serve on its own as an aperitif, or it will be a complementary pairing with any starters, tapas, fish or white meats.

Serving suggestions

Serve ideally at a temperature of 12°C. (54 °F.).

Ageing potential

This wine can be enjoyed now or kept in the cellar for the next 3 years.